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El Palacete Pequeño

El Palacete Pequeño, that's what the neighbours call the house, which lies hidden in the middle of the village. With its special garden and tower, it looks like a miniature of the Palacete de Cazulas, which stands on a hill opposite the village.

From the garden gate steps lead you to a veranda, where you may enter the house via the kitchen. There you will find a long table with space to eat and an old fireplace for heating, as well as a fridge, gas cooker and everything you need for cooking.
The kitchen leads into the dressing room, where there is also a washing machine. Shower and toilet are a little separate in the back of the room. A stone staircase from the kitchen leads to the lounge, which is divided into two special areas for reading and relaxing.
The front part with a small balcony to the square with the fountain provides seating for eating, writing or playing. The room has high windows and doors on both sides, which provide a pleasant indoor climate, beautiful light and depth of space. A spiral staircase leads from the salon up to the bedroom with access to the terrace, which offers a magnificent view of the whole valley.
Beautiful shady places to stay in the summer are vine arbor in front of the kitchen, framed by rosemary and rose bushes, and the small terrace in front of the garden house.

The garden house (20 m2) is located in the middle of the patio / garden and can be rented as an additional guest room if required. It is equipped with separate toilet and washing facilities. uch a relaxing place to stay, you'd think the bed was in the middle of the garden. A wood burning stove creates cozy warmth in the cooler season, while a ceiling fan creates freshness in the summer.
The house has a living space of about 60 m2 and is lovingly decorated in Andalusian style and equipped with everything necessary such as sheets and towels. The patio / garden with its own well is about 120 square meters and planted with lush trees and flowers.
Free Wi-Fi access is available for guests at `Meson la Madera´ and `Buena Vista´. Both restaurants are within walking distance of the house.


How to get to the house

At the 2nd bus stop on the main street, approxi-mately in the middle of the main street (where usually the old men of the village sit on a bench), turn left to the narrow `Calle Cuevas'. You can see the restaurant 'Meson Madera' and the 'Indio Bar', which is directly opposite. Here the road becomes a narrow lane. Straight on, you pass the grocery store Coviran, immediately left leads a small staircase down to Calle Resbaldero, there you turn immediately left into Calle Fuente Alta. It is located on a larger square with fountain and a bank. Passing the bank, a dead end leads directly to the garden gate.